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It’s still OK to say please, thank you and use a pen.

Are you LinkedIn?

Did you “Tweet” today?

Did it really happen if it wasn’t posted on Facebook?

Today’s technological-society can offer no excuses for people not to stay in touch. Grandmothers Skype their grandchildren. Event planners share their secrets on Pinterest. Board members Tweet their constituencies during annual meetings. We are always communicating but are we really connecting? Words count when each word has an impact and most importantly, is heard.

Whether you are working with your clients, your volunteer committees, potential and secured financial investors, or your employees making each word count also means it is just as important to pay attention to how you say them and to whom. If you were an executive chef, would you serve the same meal to a four-star food critic that you would serve to a group of teenagers? Communicating in order to develop long-term relationships and support must take the same approach.

By understanding the motivating factors of key stakeholders, you can deliver an effective and meaningful message designed specifically for each of them to hear so THEY understand the message as it makes sense to them. In this modern day and age – there is still a place for a handwritten note. It’s OK to say “please” and “thanks”. When is the last time you thought, however about how you were saying it? Big things happen by making the little things count. When we build a bridge between new communication platforms with good old-fashion etiquette – you’d be surprised what kind of response you’ll get.

This piece was written by Marie Conley, of Conley Consulting, a strategic partner of Cotter Brobson Communications. Such an important point -- words matter, but only if they are making an impact! --LCB


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