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Simple ways to incorporate social media into your communication strategy

Social media isn’t something to be scared of, but incorporating it into your organization’s communication strategy takes planning, patience and time. Make sure your organization’s social media presence serves your needs and goals effectively and efficiently, in five steps:

1. Make the commitment. You won’t gain followers or support overnight. Social media is a slow, but beneficial process. If you’re looking for immediate gratification, take social media off the table.

2. Find your best fit. Not every social channel is right for everyone. It’s important to define your goals and determine which platform will work. There are lots of choices: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, SnapChat, or even a simple blog?

3. Engage. Engagement is the key ingredient to social media success and to do it successfully, you need to plan ahead. Be frequent and consistent.

4. Welcome conversation. Fans and followers don’t want commercials, they want to talk! Content needs to spark interactions, so choose informative, thought provoking comment that encourages fans and followers to take part!

5. Keep their attention. In addition to interesting, compelling and useful content, promotions keep fans and followers excited, interested, and coming back. Contests aren’t just for big-name products or brands. They can work for individuals and organizations too, putting your brand in front of more people.


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